Neutron Imaging Station

The neutron imaging station is an experimental set up that uses the MUTR’s collimated thermal column access plug as a control mechanism for the neutron source. When the MUTR is operating, this access plug creates a 2 in. diameter collimated beam of neutrons that can be used to image a sample. After passing through the sample, the neutrons interact with a Li-6 scintillator sheet and produce photons in the visible spectrum which can be imaged by a detector  mounted on a movable slide mechanism. The aluminum slide mechanism has a range of about 147mm (~5.7in) and positioned relative to the detector to obtain optimal focus.  Once the detector has received the image it sends the information to the computer where it can be analyzed via the experimenter.

The neutron imaging station is currently undergoing testing and evaluation More information about the imaging station, including its resolution, will be included once it becomes available.